Contagious Enthusiam, Week 5

Well, I’m going to start off where we left off last week. 1st, we have an opponent for Grace!!!!!! When this was all confirmed, emails sent, everyone in agreement….there was definitely a wave of that “Contagious Enthusiasm”. This term was given to me several years ago by one of my friends, who would see just how my emotions would be crazy leading up to the fights. I called it “fight brain” for a while…still do…but contagious enthusiasm fits much better…as there are so many that share in that enthusiasm right alongside me!

Contagious Enthusiasm Bubble burst!

I swear, when things just start coming together, you know…it’s going to be a good night. Things were getting a little stressful on the Grace end of things, training so hard…without knowing if she would have an opponent or not. And right when she was at the end of her rope…Bam…just like that, Jimi, the SFL promoter, called me with a potential matchup for her. Perfect timing I must say!

This week all in all has been a good week. We got the tickets in the mail. whoop whoop! We had several people come to the gym to do a little cross training. It’s something that I really feel is important. It seems to give everyone a little edge. It seems to help with sharpening the skills that need to be sharpened. I am so thankful that there are other gyms and other fighters that feel the same way and take the time to come down. A great learning experice for both sides…all while getting to put in some extra work. As the saying goes…Iron sharpens Iron.

As with any of the final few weeks leading up to the fight, things are getting heated. Literally and figuratively. We’ve been in a severe heat wave…which when I started this fight camp blog up, I had mentioned how hot it was inside the gym while they’re training. Well, it’s hotter. They just push on through it, knowing the end product will be so much better for it. So right along with the intensity of the heat…the intensity of training has elevated. Every week, it gets harder, and they just get better. The ones who are fighting have been through it before…they know…the weeks leading up to the fight are no joke. They dread it and love it at the same time. The rest of the team, who is out there nightly with them, are realizing what it takes. They’re having to keep pushing with the fighters. If not them, then who? It takes an entire team to get each individual fighter to where they need to be before they make that walk to the cage. For some individuals, this is where they begin to think to themselves…Maybe I want to do this one day and their own fire is lit. The process for them is just beginning, but it’s a good test.

Again, as I tend to repeat, every time I write one of these little blogs, I have to say how proud I am. To see their tears…to see their smiles…to see them lift each other every single day is something that the crowd doesn’t see. The behind the scenes. The love and respect the entire team has for eachother. I’ll be walking through the store…think about a certain moment, and I can’t help but spread that contagious enthusiasm.

We area little less than 3 weeks out now…everything has seemed to fall right into place. Everyone is where they need to be, which is good…as training about to get even harder. Our friends who have come down, all have fights coming up as well, so looking forward to seeing some more cross training again this week. Shirts will be ready…tickets will be bought….all will add to even more excitement and anticipation. The weeks are flying by even faster now it seems.

My contagious enthusiasm will definitely be more noticeable. “fight brain” i’ll just apologize now for those who deal with me on the daily. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing for the next few weeks. My favorite saying to put on the board at the gym before a fight….You have not come this far to walk away without the victory. Keep pushing.

sheer exhaustion at the end of the night

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